the faq’s

What can I expect with a custom designed suite?

Our custom designs are created and treated as unique pieces of personalised art. Whether it's the lace design of your dress, elements of where you first met, or unique scenery of your wedding location, we aim to convey the mood and style of your setting.

Why the extra cost for more than one color?

Each color we print and side of paper we print requires it's own printing plate to be made. With each plate and color change, the amount of time and effort required to reset the letterpress rollers and ink plates significantly adds up.

What turn around time should I plan for?

Generally, our template based designs require 2-4 weeks from start to finish. Custom designed orders take 3-8 weeks. Each of these times depends greatly on the client's promptness to quote and proof reviews, as if these are delayed, so is the process of the project.

If you are an organised bride and have lots of time to prepare, we recommend starting this process 2-3 months before you need your invitations in your hands.

If you require a tighter deadline, we are more than willing to work with you! We will require a "rush fee" to guarantee your designs are turned around as quickly as physically possible.

What if I have a strict budget?

Our pride and joy of our stationery business is our letterpress process (of course!), and along with that comes our base supply and production costs. This is why all letterpress products are more valuable than other methods of printing; denser and luxurious paper is used, custom ink colors are hand mixed, and the wheels of a vintage machine are turned by hand, piece by piece.

However, we do offer digitally printed products, which allows for less expensive materials used and less labor time. After completing your initial questionnaire, depending on your desired quantity and budget, we will recommend various options for you to review. Please note, we will not mix any mailed matierial with various printing methods; for example, we will not produce a letterpressed invitation with a digitally printed RSVP card. The difference of methods is far too drastic, and does not make for an appealing combination.

Can I see a mockup of my product before printing?

Absolutely! Before any product is produced, a full quality mockup of your order will be sent to you for your approval. This being said, we highly stress to our clients to triple check all verbiage and spelling before a plate of your design is ordered. If a design is approved and a spelling error is found after the fact, an additional charge will occur to replace the printing plate.

What methods of payment can I use?

Our sent invoices allow the ability to pay online (Stripe). We also accept checks, but proessing and/or shipment of your product may be delayed until checks have been cleared. All invoices must be paid in full before a completed order is shipped.

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