the presser


Hello there!


My name is Annessa. I am a designer, printer, type and coffee lover. I live in mid-Michigan, and love being surrounded by the constant and beautiful season changes that come with it.

In the last 8 years, I've developed a graphic design background through classes and self-discipline, along with digitally creating and printing marketing material along with wedding stationery. I loved the experience of working with couples and developing special pieces for them; however, I always felt something missing. I would consider myself an over-enthusiastic DIY'er, always crafting all the things, and designing from every inch of my heart; but my yearning was rooting for something that I could make with my hands. Then I discovered the letterpress printing method.

In 2017, I acquired a beautiful circa 1920 Chandler & Price Platen Press machine. Her rusty gears and stubborn bolts needed some extra love. Through much sweat and tears, my husband and I put our heads and hands together to develop some new pieces for her to run as good as new again! I can't give him enough credit with how helpful he was during the process of restoring my iron giant.

There’s nothing quite like letterpress. The craft involves many factors; hand mixing inks to create true Pantone colors, curation of original artwork and typography, maintaining century-aged machines with a respect of those who’ve created before you... it’s an amazingly in-depth process which is hard to come by with today’s modern printers. 

When I'm not in my home studio turning wheels or dipping my calligraphy pens, I am most likely antique store hopping! I am always on the hunt for vintage packaging, old signage or letterpress artifacts. Many shop owners also have stories that go with their inventory, which I just absolutely love to carry along with the items I happen to be able to bring to my own home. I have a loving fur baby, named Cooper, who we love spending warm summer days with on Michigan’s beautiful lakes. I also enjoy blossoming friendships with fellow creatives! If you are or are looking for a friendly creative pal to share your dreams and ideas, drop me a line! Let’s chat some chat, whether it be email or at a cozy coffee joint!


Thanks for reading a bit about me, and I hope to connect with you soon!